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Tips for Hearing during the Holidays

Tips for Hearing during the Holidays

By: Audiologist, Angie Lederman, MS, CCC-A

The twinkling lights, the holiday treats, decorating the Christmas tree – these are all important parts of the holiday season. The most important of all is time spent with loved ones. Parties mean elevated noise levels. Music, kids playing, and clinking of dishes all add to the holiday cheer but are distracting background noises. Gatherings can be a challenge for people with hearing loss.

Do not miss hearing any special moments and enjoy meaningful conversation this year. Here are our tips for hearing with hearing aids at the holidays to help you navigate parties and stay jolly all season long.


Well-lit areas make it easier to read lips and notice cues from facial expressions and body language while having one-on-one conversations.

Find a Quieter Area

Perhaps you cannot go to a quieter room, but the corner of the room away from the music speaker where everyone is engaging in festivities in may help keep noise levels down enough for you to hear the person you are speaking with. Take breaks from the loudest areas to avoid being overwhelmed from the noise during the party.

Use Your “Best Side”

Many people have hearing that is better in one ear. Situate yourself so your best ear is facing the most people, while also making eye contact with others.

Come Prepared

Make sure you have fresh batteries in your hearing aids. Bring extra batteries with you to the party for backup. If your hearing aids are rechargeable, make sure they are fully charged. Do some basic upkeep to your hearing aids by replacing the wax filters.

Find Your Ally

Enlist a person you know will help clue you into conversations and help confirm what was said after the conversation. They may even help make sure others face you while speaking so you can actively participate.

Sit at the Middle of the Table

Sitting as close as you can to the middle of the table allows you to stay engaged with all that is going on around you. If tradition dictates you sit at the head of the table, do not hesitate to discuss your preferences with your family and make the adjustments you need to enjoy table talk.

Be Up Front about Your Hearing Loss

Do not be embarrassed to make your needs known. Trust us, it is more embarrassing to miss a big announcement from your grandchild while everyone is celebrating than it is to make your family aware of your hearing loss and what needs to be done so you can fully participate in the gathering. Do not be afraid to ask people to repeat themselves. Pretending to understand what is said creates further confusion.

All of us at Hear Now wish you a wonderful holiday season!

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