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Custom Earpieces

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We live in a noisy world – nearly one in four U.S. adults shows symptoms of noise-induced hearing loss. And unlike age-related hearing loss, it is completely preventable. The trick is to be aware of the sounds around you, and take action to protect yourself when necessary. Unfortunately, no surgery currently exists to repair the hair cells which are damaged by noise, so that’s why it is important to protect your hearing while you still can. We offer a range of custom-fitted hearing protection devices, as well as recreational and occupational solutions.

We offer a range of custom hearing protection for:

earplugs for hunters


These help protect from short, sharp bursts of sound associated with firearms. The special filter instantly closes when damaging noise levels are reached, while allowing almost normal hearing at all other times.

earplugs for sleeping


These help reduce environmental sound to better allow for a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep.

occupational noise protection

Occupational Noise Protection

These are made to protect those who work in high noise level jobs, such as those who work in construction or manufacturing.



These are great for keeping your ears dry while swimming or showering. They also help protect you from swimmers ear.

earplugs for musicians


Ideal for musicians who need to hear their fellow musicians play. These are also great for concert-goers, dental professionals, or anyone who is exposed to loud sound but still needs to hear accurately. The sounds are reduced but clarity is maintained. Different reduction level filters are available to further customize the experience.

custom earbuds for hearing protection

Recreational Music

By fitting around your existing earphones, these custom earbuds improve the bass response for better sound quality and stay in your ear better.

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