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How to Adjust and Get Used to New Hearing Aids

How to Adjust and Get Used to New Hearing Aids

By: Audiologist, Angie Lederman, MS, CCC-A

Congratulations on your new hearing aids! Being fit with hearing aids is not the finish line for your hearing healthcare journey. You will have to continue to take steps to ensure success with your hearing aids. New hearing aids can be exciting. But adjusting to something new in your life can come with challenges. It takes time to get the most out of these powerful devices. It is important to be patient and follow these tips to ease this transitional time.

Start Out Slow

It can take a few months to become accustomed to wearing hearing aids. Gradually increase the amount of time you wear your hearing aids each day. Start out by wearing your hearing aids only part time so that you do not get too overwhelmed. Work your way up to wearing them from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. Start with only wearing your hearing aids at home and slowly try going to different places with your hearing aids on.

Train Your Brain

Remember, you most likely lost your hearing slowly over time and now it will take time to become used to the sounds of things like traffic, wind, machinery, and other background noises. At first, everything may seem loud. Re-acclimating your brain to true sounds that are not distorted by your hearing loss can be challenging. It takes practice to become used to these noises that you are just starting to notice. You may be startled by some of these sounds. You will have to actively focus on the sounds that are important and try to filter out the unimportant background sounds. This takes a lot of brain power!


It takes time to achieve cooperation between your ears and your brain. Do exercises to supportnyour ear-to-brain pathways. You can do this by reading out loud or by listening to an audiobook while also following along with the book. This way you are both reading and hearing the words.These exercises will help the hearing-and-language part of your brain hear and make sense of speech. Another simple exercise is to sit in a quiet room and focus on one sound at a time, such as the hum of the refrigerator or birds chirping outside the window.

Be Empowered by Education

Your appointments with your Audiologist will be packed full of information. If it helps, take notes that you can look back on later. At Hear Now, we provide new patients with a folder full of helpful information about their new hearing aids. Education is key. The more you know about your hearing loss and treatment, the more empowered you will be to participate in your hearing healthcare.

Hearing Aid Features

Learn your hearing aids’ features. Your hearing aids most likely have different features that will enhance your hearing in different settings. Hearing aids can often wirelessly sync with your smartphone. Becoming familiar with these options will increase your chance of success with your hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Care

Do not forget to take proper care of your hearing aids! A little basic maintenance can go a long way in ensuring your hearing aids work their best. Keep your hearing aids clean by washing your hands prior to handling your hearing aids. Use a clean cloth to gently wipe dirt off your hearing aids. Keep your hearing aids away from moisture. Consider purchasing a dehumidifier if you are often in humid locations. Change your wax filters on your hearing aids whenever they get clogged with earwax.

Be Patient

Be patient as you get used to wearing your hearing aids for long periods of time, hear new sounds, and figure out which hearing aid settings work best for different situations. Adjusting to new hearing aids takes time, commitment, and patience. Set realistic expectations for yourself. Having a positive attitude and a willingness to learn how to tackle challenges you may face with your hearing aids will go a long way. You will be far more likely to achieve success with a determination to hear better.

Follow Up with Your Audiologist

If you have any questions or concerns along the way, do not hesitate to contact your hearing professional. Make notes of any discomfort or difficulties you notice while wearing your hearing aids and bring those notes to your appointments. At Hear Now, we always schedule follow up appointments where adjustments to your hearing aids may need to be made. Do not be turned away from hearing aids if you are not facing immediate success. Your new hearing aids will positively change your life, and all of us at Hear Now are here to help make that happen. Please contact us if you need any help along the way.

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