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Why Should I Get a Hearing Test Regularly?

Why Should I Get a Hearing Test Regularly?

By: Audiologist, Angie Lederman, MS, CCC-A

Are you unsure if you should get a hearing evaluation? The short answer is yes, you should. Hearing loss can have major and long-term effects on your overall health and wellbeing. Catch issues and receive prompt treatment by getting hearing evaluations regularly.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get your hearing checked routinely:

1. Establish a Baseline

Early hearing loss can be difficult to identify. Subtle changes over time can be hard to detect because of how slowly hearing loss typically progresses. If you have a baseline for your current state of health, it is easier to monitor for changes in the future because we will have a frame of reference to compare future hearing tests to.

2. The Earlier you Receive Treatment, the Better

The sooner you seek treatment for hearing loss, the more hearing that can be preserved. It is a lot easier to adjust to wearing hearing aids if you start wearing them at the earliest signs of hearing loss.

3. Measure Changes Over Time

Your hearing will still change over time. We can quickly adjust your treatment based on changes you are experiencing if you receive hearing evaluations regularly. Knowing the results of  your hearing check will also empower you to make decisions about your hearing healthcare.

4. Learn Best Practices

Audiologists are not just here to fit you with hearing aids! We offer a wealth of information, from identifying risks to your hearing in your daily life to working with you to protect your hearing.

5. Diagnose Medical Conditions

There are some medical disorders that can be indicated by hearing loss. Managing conditions such as high blood pressure or kidney disease may help your hearing.

Call us now to schedule a hearing evaluation for yourself or a loved one. Do not wait to rediscover the sounds you may be missing from your life. We are here to help you take the first step of your hearing healthcare journey.

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