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What to Expect at Your First Audiologist Appointment

What to Expect at Your First Audiologist Appointment

By: Audiologist, Angie Lederman, MS, CCC-A

If you are developing hearing issues, it can be a confusing time. Don’t be nervous for your first visit at your audiologist’s office! To help calm your nerves, we wrote this article so you know what to expect at your first appointment. Be confident that you are taking the first step towards better hearing!


There are some things you can do prior to your appointment so that you are ready for what comes next. Make sure you have your insurance cards. Sometimes it is best to contact our office ahead of time with your insurance information so that we can look into coverage and be prepared for your visit. Write out any relevant medical history so you don’t forget to mention anything during your visit.


We recommend bringing a companion with you to your appointment. Bringing a loved one such as a spouse can both provide support and insight on your life. You may not notice your hearing loss, but your loved ones might notice when you can’t hear them! We will go over a lot of information during your appointment. Having another person with you can help remember the information after the appointment when you’re at home.

What Are Your Needs?

Part of your audiological exam is a discussion about your lifestyle. Go over any concerns you may have with your audiologist. We will ask if you have a family history of hearing loss or if you have prolonged noise exposure. Your responses are crucial to understanding your needs.

Hearing Exam

After the consultation, we will look at your ears with an otoscope. We are checking to see whether your ear canals are blocked by earwax or any other obstructions which may impact your hearing. Next, we will conduct a hearing test. This is done in a sound booth and consists of two parts. First you will listen to a sequence of beeps to see which frequencies you can and cannot hear. Second, you will be asked to repeat words at different volumes, sometimes with background noise. 


We will be able to go over your results immediately. If the tests show that you may have an underlying medical condition, you will be referred to see another doctor. An audiogram will show the results of your hearing test. If necessary, we will go over hearing care solutions such as hearing aids. We offer many different styles of hearing aids that will meet the needs of both your lifestyle and your budget.

Hearing Protection

Protect your hearing! Even if you have a hearing loss, it is vital to preserve the hearing that you still have. We will go over possible risks to your hearing that you encounter at your work, home, and in your social life. We will discuss how you can protect your hearing by avoiding loud noise and wearing hearing protection. For example, a hunter may want an all-in-one hearing protection and hearing aid.

Contact Your Audiologist Today

You will have some peace of mind when you visit an audiologist at Hear Now Audiology & Tinnitus Center. We offer compassionate and professional hearing healthcare. We will work with you to find solutions that meet your needs. If you’re not hearing like you used to, contact us now to schedule an appointment.

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