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How to Find the Best Hearing Aids for You

How to Find the Best Hearing Aids for You

By: Audiologist, Angie Lederman, MS, CCC-A

There are many different hearing aids available these days. A wide variety of styles and technology levels can make it difficult to pick the right hearing aids for you. You must choose hearing aids that are best for your hearing loss and lifestyle. That is why you should go to a trusted audiologist for help and guidance on such an important decision. Hear Now works with a few different manufacturers that offer different styles and technology and fits those hearing aids using Best Practices to ensure the hearing aids are fit to your hearing loss prescription.

Here are some of the things you and our audiologist Angie will go over when finding the best hearing aids for you:

Hearing Aid Visibility and Style

Modern hearing aids are so discreet that most people will not even know you are wearing them! That being said, there are also many styles including CICs (Completely-in-canal) where powerful technology is inside of your ear canal and BTEs (Behind-the-ear) where the hearing aid sits behind your ear and is connected to a custom fit piece that goes inside of your ear. Each style has their own pros and cons that are essential to talk to an audiologist about.

What You Need to Hear

Are you frequently in restaurants or meetings where you need to hear over background noise? Are you a musician that needs to hear a wide range of frequencies? There are different levels of hearing aid technology that are better suited for the different types of environments you are in.

Smartphone Connectivity

Modern hearing aids have the ability to connect to smartphones and some even offer an app that allows you to control the hearing aids, track data, and more. If this is a feature you are interested in, talk to an audiologist today to find the right hearing aids for you.

Manual Dexterity

How comfortable are you with fiddling with small buttons and other features on small hearing aids? Some people find it easier to use rechargeable hearing aids versus changing tiny batteries. And some would rather use a smartphone app to control features on their hearing aids instead of pushing small buttons. If handling these different hearing aid features is something that concerns you, your audiologist at Hear Now will help find the hearing aids that are the easiest for you to handle.

Contact Us Today!

Hear Now Audiology & Tinnitus Center offers a wide variety of hearing aid manufacturers, styles, and technology levels. Our audiologist Angie will work with you to find the right hearing aids that meet your needs. We understand that everyone’s situation is unique and will take the time to perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine your hearing levels, situations in which you need the most help in hearing, lifestyle, and more to find the best hearing aids for you. If you think you may have a hearing loss, contact us today to get started on your hearing healthcare journey.

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