Hearing Test

What to Expect During Your Test

Before you start the exam, we'll check if there are any concerns about your hearing health, whether there is a family history of hearing loss and whether you have ever experienced any particularly loud and prolonged sounds. Your replies are crucial to understanding whether further tests are required.

After the consultation, we will check your ears with an otoscope. We are checking to see whether your ear canals are blocked by wax or any other obstructions which may impact your hearing.

hearing test

Your hearing test is conducted in a sound booth and consists of two parts:

  • The first section examines which frequencies can be difficult for you to hear. A sequence of gentle “beeps” or sounds will be played while you wear headphones. You should answer YES each time you hear the sound.
  • The second part explores your capacity to understand speech that you hear. You will be asked to repeat words at different volume levels. Sometimes there will be noise present while you try to understand the words.

When the test is finished, a graph called an audiogram displays your results. We will discuss the data displayed with you and offer advice on your next steps. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions you may have about your test results, our recommendations for treatment, types of hearing aids or anything else about your results.

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