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Resound Omnia

Are you ready to hear the world as it was meant to be heard?Most people want hearing aids to hear better in noise. In a survey conducted by ReSound, 8 out of 10 hearing aid users had difficulty hearing in noisy environments. Compared to their previous generation of hearing aids, Resound claims that the new Omnia improves speech understanding in noisy environments by a factor of 1.5.In line with its 'Organic Hearing' philosophy, ReSound's design and engineering are heavily influenced by how our ears work.M&RIE receivers are an available option for Omnia. Process a wide variety of sounds at once thanks to M&RIE's cutting-edge inner-ear design, which works in tandem with the shape of your ears to gather sound naturally. Command more control over your sound environment and enjoy better speech recognition.Research suggests that as much as 11dB of sound can be lost if hearing aids are misused, significantly diminishing the user's hearing. The revolutionary 'Check My Fit' function within the ReSound Smart3D App provides users with instructions on adequately inserting their hearing aids by taking a short photo of their ears. ReSound claims that 70% of customers will benefit from Check My Fit.

Resound Omnia


  • The latest update makes the user's "own voice" sound more natural.
  • The rechargeable model lasts all day, with 30 hours of power from a single charge.
  • With a Nano-coated shell, its durable design can withstand the elements no matter where you go.
  • With the press of a button, iOS and Android users can experience crystal-clear, hands-free phone calls.
  • Get the most out of your smartphone's capabilities with direct Bluetooth connectivity and streaming.
  • Available in a choice of eight different colors.
  • Available in both rechargeable and traditional battery versions

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