amplified phone

Best Amplified Telephones

Amplified telephones work just like standard telephones. They increase the volume of the incoming caller’s voice, making it easier to hear what the caller is saying. Both corded and cordless models are available with either minimal or extensive features, depending on the user’s needs.

tv listening device

Best Tv listening Devices

TV listening devices enable hearing aid wearers and non-hearing aid wearers to hear the TV without needing to turn up the volume. These products make watching TV more enjoyable.

personal listening device

Best personal Listening Devices

Personal listening devices are designed to help either non-hearing aid or hearing aid users hear conversations better in one-on-one settings and in small group situations.

bedside masker

Best bedside maskers

Sound generators may be helpful in masking out unwanted noises while trying to relax or fall asleep. Sound profiles such as the ocean, rainfall or white noise may assist in reducing the perception of tinnitus or ringing in in the ears.


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